UPN "Veteran" Jawa Timur

Encourage Discipline and Patriotism through New Students Fair

August 12, 2016 was marked by Preamble of New Students Fair (PEMABA) Academic Year 2016 / 2017. A total of 2517 new students are in an orderly followed ceremony held in the Multipurpose Building Giriloka (GSG). This time it coincides with the 55th Memorial Day of Scouting.
PEMABA 2016/2017 entitled "Through the of New Students Fair Program (PEMABA) we have prepared self being pioneers graduate with Plead State Character". This provides early briefing to new students about campus life that are both academic and non-academic.
"The main purpose is embedded sense and understanding of the education system within the new students in order to develop and thrive discipline, then also having patriotism. Therefore new students can be as responsiveness person, tough and skillful in problem solving ", explained Head of Student Affairs, Ir. Didik Personal Utomo, MP.
2517 of New Students is the selected students from the three selection path namely: SNMPTN, SBMPTN and Mandiri Line. They are dispersed in six faculties: the 764 students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, 329 students of the Faculty of Agriculture, 551 students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, 257 students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, 443 students of the Faculty of Social and Political Science and 157 students of the Faculty of Law.
During the 8 days from August 12-20, 2016 new students followed the materials of PEMABA activities covering UPN Veteran organizations material in East Java, educational materials insights of Plead State, dissemination of anti-corruption and drugs, the student organization materials, the organization of courses, the value of culture material, etiquette and ethics as well as the students of higher educational materials in Indonesia (niz)

Study Program

Faculty of Economics & Business
  1. Ekonomi Pembangunan
  2. Manajemen
  3. Akuntasi
Faculty of Industrial Technology
  1. Teknik Industri
  2. Teknik Kimia
  3. Teknologi Pangan
  4. Teknik Informatika
  5. Sistem Informasi
Faculty of Social Science & Politics
  1. Administrasi Negara
  2. Administrasi Bisnis
  3. Ilmu Komunikasi
  4. Hubungan Internasional
Faculty of Civil Engineering & Planning
  1. Arsitektur
  2. Teknik Sipil
  3. Teknik Lingkungan
  4. Desain Komunikasi Visual
Faculty of Agriculture
  1. Agroteknologi
  2. Agribisnis
Faculty of Law
  1. Ilmu Hukum
Graduate Study Programs
  1. Magister Manajemen
  2. Magister Akuntansi
  3. Magister Manajemen Agribisnis

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  • Telp : +62 (031) 870 6369
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