UPN "Veteran" Jawa Timur

2479 Students Followed TOT and Plead State Outbound

Vision of UPN Veteran East Java is being the excelled characterized as plead state university strengthened by the Character Education Course of Plead State. Then on October 28 to November 13, Training of Trainers (TOT) and the Plead State Outbound Character Education in 2016 was held for the third semester students.

2479 students of the third semester consisted of 318 students of the Faculty of Agriculture, 576 students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, 661 students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, 281 students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, 491 students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and 152 Faculty of Law is divided into three groups of each that would conduct TOT and Plead State Outbound for 2 days, starting on October 29 to 30, 5 to 6 November and 12 to 13 November.

TOT and Plead State Outbound is an implementation of the character building curriculum and support the realization of the academic vision atmosphere to plead state in order to strengthen and accelerate embodied the vision and mission of UPN Veteran East Java as Plead State Campus. In addition it aimed to increase awareness and strengthen the implementation of Plead State values for students as a cadre.

Character Education Materials is filled by the Rector of UPN Veteran East Java, Prof. Dr. Ir. Teguh Soedarto, MP who delivered material "Human Resources Excellence for the Sovereignty of Indonesia", "National Leadership in Multicultural State" by Vice Rector, Dr. Ir. Ramdan Hidayat, MP, "The Challenge of Radicalism and New Form of Communism in Indonesia" by Vice Rector II, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ahmad Fauzi, MT, "Indonesian Youth Readiness to Defend Republic of Indonesia" by Vice Rector III, Ir. Mu'tasim Billah, MS and "Plead State Awareness in the Era of Globalization" by Plead State Course Coordinator, Dr. Ir. Zainal Abidin, MS.

Besides educational material character, each student also followed a physical training field consisting of physical Kesamaptaan, Regulation of Line up and Outbound Plead State by the Training Team Members KODIM Surabaya East, Assistant Coach Team of the Students Regiment and Scouts and Teams of Lecturer Plead State Course. (niz)

Study Program

Faculty of Economics & Business
  1. Ekonomi Pembangunan
  2. Manajemen
  3. Akuntasi
Faculty of Industrial Technology
  1. Teknik Industri
  2. Teknik Kimia
  3. Teknologi Pangan
  4. Teknik Informatika
  5. Sistem Informasi
Faculty of Social Science & Politics
  1. Administrasi Negara
  2. Administrasi Bisnis
  3. Ilmu Komunikasi
  4. Hubungan Internasional
Faculty of Civil Engineering & Planning
  1. Arsitektur
  2. Teknik Sipil
  3. Teknik Lingkungan
  4. Desain Komunikasi Visual
Faculty of Agriculture
  1. Agroteknologi
  2. Agribisnis
Faculty of Law
  1. Ilmu Hukum
Graduate Study Programs
  1. Magister Manajemen
  2. Magister Akuntansi
  3. Magister Manajemen Agribisnis

Contact Information

  • Jl.Raya Rungkut Madya, Gunung Anyar, Surabaya
  • Telp : +62 (031) 870 6369
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