UPN "Veteran" Jawa Timur

UPN Veteran East Java prepare held SNMPTN

As acknowledged as with, UPN Veteran East Java become State University on October 6, 2014, and last year UPN has organized the Joint Selection Entrance State University (SBMPTN) and Independent Band as selection of new students’ acceptance. But this year, UPN hadchances to perform 3 matriculates accepting phases.

Three stages were implemented, namely the National Selection of State Universities (SNMPTN), Joint Selection Entrance State University (SBMPTN) andIndependent Band. Matriculates accepting process through these three stages have been formulated by Panlok 50, and UPN will implement this SNMPTN together with ITS, UNAIR, UNESA, UIN Sunan Ampel and University Trunojoyo Madura.

Stages SNMPTN begins by socialization will be implemented Pasuruan, Kabupaten Pasuruan and Pamekasan with concerning the Department of Education.

     "This socialization will be implemented to notify each school regarding the mechanisms and procedures to prepare the students enrolled in SNMPTN", said Vice Rector I, Dr. Ir. Ramdan Hidayat, MS.

Furthermore, each school will enroll students online www.snmptn.ac.id with the provisions given PDSS (Educational and Student Data Base). For accredited school students can enroll as many as 75% of the total number of students. Accredited BSchools 50% of students, then accredited C 25%of students. Even the school has not been accredited can enroll 10% of the number of students who take the National Exam. Schedule SNMPTN through PDSS registration can be done on January 19 until February 20, 2016.

Then, after school to enroll and get verification, hereafter the students from these schools can signFebruary 29 until March 12, 2016 by uploading file value of rapport from the 1st semester to 5th semester. After that they can print a registration card of implemented SNMPTN on 22 March-21 April and Selection process on March 24 to May 8.

Study Program

Faculty of Economics & Business
  1. Ekonomi Pembangunan
  2. Manajemen
  3. Akuntasi
Faculty of Industrial Technology
  1. Teknik Industri
  2. Teknik Kimia
  3. Teknologi Pangan
  4. Teknik Informatika
  5. Sistem Informasi
Faculty of Social Science & Politics
  1. Administrasi Negara
  2. Administrasi Bisnis
  3. Ilmu Komunikasi
  4. Hubungan Internasional
Faculty of Civil Engineering & Planning
  1. Arsitektur
  2. Teknik Sipil
  3. Teknik Lingkungan
  4. Desain Komunikasi Visual
Faculty of Agriculture
  1. Agroteknologi
  2. Agribisnis
Faculty of Law
  1. Ilmu Hukum
Graduate Study Programs
  1. Magister Manajemen
  2. Magister Akuntansi
  3. Magister Manajemen Agribisnis

Contact Information

  • Jl.Raya Rungkut Madya, Gunung Anyar, Surabaya
  • Telp : +62 (031) 870 6369
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