Conduct Online Graduation during PPKM, Chancellor Emphasizes Positive Attitude and Increased Competitiveness to Graduates

UPN Veterans East Java held an Open Senate Meeting for the 82nd Graduate and 44th Postgraduate Graduation Period III for the 2020/2021 academic year, Tuesday (27/3). Unlike the graduation ceremony in February which was carried out hybrid online and offline, this time the graduation took place Virtual Online due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of PPKM Level 4.

The 82nd Graduate and 44th Postgraduate Graduation were attended virtually by 670 graduates consisting of 652 Undergraduates and 18 Graduates of the Postgraduate Program. 670 graduates recorded 417 (62.5%) predicated Cumlaude / Praise with the youngest graduates, namely Putri Nabilah Apta Prabasa, 21 years old from the Accounting Study Program, GPA 3.65, Arga Febri Andika Putra 20 years old from the Accounting Masters Study Program, GPA 3 .84 and the Best Graduate of the Undergraduate Program with a GPA of 3.97, Khusnul Prasetyo from the Public Administration Study Program and the Best Graduate of the Masters Program with a GPA of 4.00, Alif Faruqi Febri Yanto from the Master of Accounting study program.

In his remarks and education report, the Rector of UPN Veterans East Java, Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Fauzi, MMT congratulated the graduates of the Masters and Undergraduate Programs for their success in studying at the State Defense Campus of UPN “Veteran” East Java. “To the parents and families of the graduates, I also express my gratitude for their trust in UPN “Veterans” East Java and their success in guiding their children so that they can complete their studies and graduate this morning”.

Furthermore, the Chancellor said that Graduation does not mean that we are all retired from learning, but on the contrary, the knowledge that you have acquired on this campus must be developed and practiced to help the community in solving increasingly complex problems and challenges in the future. “Improving competence in the scientific field must continue to be done so that you have competitiveness, but all of that must be followed by always maintaining a positive attitude. A positive attitude is a magnet for positive results. Our life is a reflection of our attitude. A good attitude or attitude helps us to be accepted in various types of environments with different types and types of people.” said the Chancellor.

Meanwhile, in the impression of the graduates’ messages, Khusnul Prasetyo said that later after graduation, graduates in the outside world will be faced with various kinds of people with their respective characters, abilities, skills, interests, and talents. “Everyone is different. When you see someone who is more successful, don’t necessarily follow the path he took. Each of us has a different path. Believe in yourself, talk and find what we want, because that path will lead us to success.”



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