One Day for SMEs, The Concept of Anyar Substitute for SME Expo Efforts to Attract Interest in Profit for SMEs in the 2018 PKKMB Series

The Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) is an introduction to the Study Program and faculties, scientific culture and the development of student activities in universities for new students of the National Development University “Veteran” East Java. However, there is something different in the PKKMB series this time, the article is that there is one day for the Student Activity Unit (UKM) to conduct an introduction to each UKM. One day for UKM, this is a brand-new concept to replace the UKM expo which has been carried out in previous years.

According to Mardiyono as Head of Academic and Student Affairs, this activity has been scheduled and harmonized with all executive heads, student executive bodies, and UKM coordinators at the Ibis Hotel Surabaya on August 2. “Previously, the PKKMB series schedule had been given to the Vice Dean (Wadek) III of all faculties,” he said.

He also said that he also invited all Wadek III and program coordinators. The basis for the implementation of this activity is the Chancellor’s instructions. This is done so that freshmen can directly lead to their chosen UKM. In addition, the level of active UKM and student self-development can be achieved with this activity. Mardiyono hopes that every student joins their respective SMEs according to their wishes, hobbies and experiences. However, the fact is that many students do not choose some SMEs because they are less familiar to them, such as Onigiri, Global Language Center, and others. Therefore it is deemed necessary for each UKM to conduct a more intense introduction in this activity.

After before, many SMEs complained that the number of members had decreased, a one-day solution was created for these SMEs for freshmen who had chosen on the form during registration. However, the SME coordinator continued to spread the questionnaire again for freshmen to establish their choice. The data is a rough picture, this is to follow up on the possibility of students who are originally from filling or SMEs that are not chosen at all due to the name of the UKM that is still not familiar.

This was confirmed by Nadhif as the UKM coordinator chairman, he said that his party had worked – together with the PKKMB faculty and program committee so students could fill out questionnaires related to this matter. In the one-day series for SMEs held on Wednesday (8/15), there is an annual event, namely the show of the title, “The plan is to show an intense degree and introduction,” he concluded. He also added that at the time of this activity, freshmen participated in a series of activities from each of the SMEs that were chosen on a priority basis. He hopes that students can play an active role in the development of SMEs.

Meanwhile, Putri (Agribusiness / 18), she does not know about the one-day PKKMB series for these SMEs. According to Putri, there should be a detailed schedule as well as socialization if needed. But he still gives a positive response, according to him this activity can increase creativity and benefit the students. One member of UKM, Syam (EP / 16) said that according to him this activity was less effective. Because in one day students should be able to get to know more about all UKM. So that you can directly compare it, not just focus on the choices. (rda / rad / @ upn_news)



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