Scouts must grow and develop to build national character

Every August 14, the Scout Movement commemorates the day, Scout Day. This warning refers to the history of scouting in Indonesia, where on that date, 57 years ago the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno inaugurated the National Leadership Council (Mapinas), Kwarnas, Kwarnari. The inauguration was then followed by the awarding of Scouting Pennants from the President of Indonesia and a grand definition by scout members in Jakarta.

At UPN Veteran East Java, Scout Day was commemorated with a Large Apple Scout Day which was attended by 2938 students and representatives of Surabaya Kwarcab on the eastern page of Giriloka (14/8). The Big Apple with the theme “NKRI Adhesive Scouts” was led directly by the Chancellor of UPN Veteran East Java, Prof. Dr. Ir. Teguh Soedarto, MP.

In his mandate, the Chancellor explained the great meaning of Scouting to be interpreted in daily life. The symbol of coconut shoots is interpreted as a good development for Indonesia. “Growing coconut shoots also have the ability to grow everywhere, with this scout we will see the younger generation especially students growing and developing to innovate, achieve and succeed for the future of the nation”.

Furthermore, the Chancellor added that scouts will be very beneficial for all lines of society if they can build character and spirit of scouting from an early age. The development of the nation’s character is the focus of the present and the future. Human resource development must be in line with physical development, because the key to the successful development of the nation lies in quality human resources. When Indonesia commemorated the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia in 2045, and currently among the active members of Scouts scattered in various parts of the country will become leaders of this country in the future.

The Scout Movement which is now 57 years old is certainly not the same atmosphere and condition when born. Need to rebranding new Scouts that are in demand by young people. Scouts should be able to keep up with the times and not seem old-fashioned in today’s digital communication era. Scouts must be able to capture this phenomenon in the era of freedom of communication. Most of our younger siblings are cyber generation who are online all the time who always update their status and reveal realtime conditions on social media. New Scouts must be cool, happy, fun and fun. Challenges for Scout Guards who must always be creative and innovate in fostering students so they are proud to be Scouts. Likewise the Trainers must learn continuously to be able to develop and implement up-to-date educational technology without forgetting the basic principles and methods of scouting for Scout Guards.

After the big apples, the scout day commemoration continued with a performance from the Student Activity Unit (UKM) of the Racana Commander Sudirman and Raden Ajeng Kartini in the Fire Rescue Simulation in collaboration with the Fire Service and Vertical Rescue Simulation in collaboration with the National SAR Agency.

Chairman of the Panglima Sudirman Racana Council, Nadhif Revisyach said that scouts could not be underestimated. “Indonesian youth can now develop scouts everywhere, at least in each of the younger generations, especially new students can see scouts as one of the main capital to adapt in the community, so that by scouting themselves” they can be more useful when entering the community later “closed the student Informatics Engineering.



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